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Trustless by Design

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Plexus Infrastructure provides a private and secure way to share data between identifiable parties, and enables applications to be built upon it.

100% Privacy

With the explosion of social media, internet users are sharing more about themselves then at any previous point in history. Many have been caught unaware that employers are vetting potential candidates based on their internet activity. Some have had their reputations ruined or lost their jobs due to the content they have posted online. The commonly understood slogan is that the internet never forgets.

With growing awareness of the potential real-world consequences that internet use can lead to, internet users are demanding privacy features that put more control of their personal data into their hands. Plexus has been designed from the ground up to give 100% control over their data. When using Plexus, you can rest assured that only those who you have explicitly authorized will be able to see what you share. By shifting control completely away from the vendor and putting control in the user's hands, Plexus can guarantee 100% privacy for those on it's network.

100% Security

Each year hackers exploit vulnerabilities on digital systems across the world stealing millions of pieces of personal data. This data can later be used as part of more elaborate social-engineering plots that ultimately end up in identity theft for those affected. As more hacker attacks make it into the news, internet users are becoming more and more concerned as to hoow their personal data is stored and managed by the companies they give it to.

Classical systems, no matter how secure, remain fundamentally vulnerable to hacker attacks by virtue of their architecture. Plexus architecture, on the other hand has been designed to be completely impervious to the sort of attacks you see on the news. Users are guaranteed with 100% certainty that no unathorized party will get at their data without their explicit permission. In light of this, companies using the Plexus platform are assured their business does not end up on the news due to hacker attacks.

Real-World Identity

The ability to identify a person is the corner stone of all contracts. From opening a bank account, to buying a plane ticket, renting a car, or proving your age to buy alcohol, you must show a piece of approved government ID. Though this can be easily done when interacting in the physical world, it is more difficult when interacting in the digital world.

Plexus provides a real-world identity solution that is internationally valid and will stand up in courts around the world. By implementing the highest legislative standards, IdentiPlex is as good in the digital world as a passport is in the physical world. When you couple IdentiPlex with 100% user privacy, conducting business online becomes as safe and legally valid as if you were there in person.

Data Transactions

Data can come from all sorts of different places.

Aggregation and distribution of data can be a problem when you start to deal with mulpile sources and formats.

Simplify your process by linking all your touch points to Plexus. By meeting the highest encryption and privacy standards, you will never need to have an alternative strategy to send sensitive data while using less secure methods for sending and receiving everything else.

Intelligent Data Rules

Put your contracts to work for you with Plexus data rules.

Even the simplest of contract will require human intervention in order to fulfil. Whether this fulfilment process is as complex as on-boarding a new client, or as simple as paying an invoice, with Plexus data rules, you can automate the entirety of your business process.

Once a contract template is created for one of your business processes, the signing of that contract will fulfil the terms of the agreement on your behalf.

API Integration

The Plexus platform can tie into your existing applications with the Plexus API.

Though the Plexus platform can be used for an extensive set of common business scenarios, we understand that some processed internal to your organization may not be covered. To remove this limitation from the Plexus platform we offer an extensive API.

Development teams in your organization can leverage the Plexus API to integrate intelligent digital contracts into your existing applications. We remove all the technical challenges in dealing with blockchain. Additionally, through our API, your organization can create custom self-executing intelligent rules for your specific business processes that may not already be in our library. This gives businesses complete flexibility as to what their intelligent digital contracts can do.