Buying and Selling is at the core of every business while the provision of Trade Finance helps a business to grow.
These three primary trade activities are essentially money processes.

Standard banks force businesses to use slow manual procedures for borrowing and disparate systems for buying and selling.

PLX Capital banking technology digitises the buying, selling and financing processes with simple, fast, all- in-one transactions.

Standard banks lack sufficient data to make informed decisions on lending risk which prevents 74% of SMEs from accessing trade finance.

PLX Capital closes this informational gap and help businesses to grow through the provision of low-cost financing.


Digitalize Purchase Orders, Invoices and Trade Loans.


Simple all-in-one transactions.


Low cost financing for SMEs and their entire supply chain.


Blockchain technology and cutting-edge security.

Digital Financial Processes

Change the way you buy, sell, and finance.

Faster Payments

Trade Accounts enable instantaneous payments to Trade Accounts anywhere in the world. Account withdrawals typically take one working day – time is money.

Automated Payments

Payments are an intrinsic part of a digital trade. Payments are automatically released to sellers and debited from the originator's bank account at the maturity date – no more manual payments processing.


Faster Borrowing

Digitally apply for a 30, 60, 90-day trade loan with PLX Capital. We connect to your bank accounts and ERP system to enable fast processing – no more paper and wet ink.

Lower Financing Rates

Digitisation improves our efficiencies so we can pass on the savings to you. Complete trade data means we can calculate risk more accurately. Multiple businesses borrowing against the same trade lower their rates – cheap money.

Digital Buying & Selling Processes

Automate. Remove Paper. Digitally Sign.

Easier Reconciliations

A digital trade encompasses the buyer’s purchase order, the seller’s invoice, and the originators trade loan. All the views are digitally signed and can be simply imported into your ERP system – no more manual matching.


Reduced Fraud

A digital identity leverages business bank account information, background checks, governmental ID with facial recognition, and an immutable audit trail – waste less time and money.

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