Plexus 365

"Trustless", by Design

Our Technology  

Plexus is a secure Data, Agreement & Digital Asset network facilitating inter-business trade.

100% Privacy

Plexus' First Trust Principle

With the explosion of hacker perpetrated data theft in virtually all business sectors, legislators have passed laws to impose ever more arduous data privacy regulatory requirements on businesses. These laws have been coupled with fines steep enough to destroy most small and medium enterprises if they are found to be non-compliant. There has never been a more pressing need for business owners and executives to re-evaluate their practices pertaining to how their company data is transferred and stored.

Plexus offers a solution that addresses the mission critical requirement for data privacy. By combining our Identiplex™ technology with world class encryption, the blockchain, and a novel architecture, we can guarantee that all data stored on and transferred through Plexus is 100% private to the data owner.

Each business and business user retain full control over all their data at all times. Plexus is designed in such a manner that even we cannot decrypt what you do on our system. Other software solutions demand that you and your business put their trust in the vendor whose conduct is governed via a privacy policy agreement. Plexus makes no such demand nor does it have a need for an explicit privacy policy as the Plexus architecture guarantees data privacy by design.

100% Security

Plexus' Second Trust Principle

Data privacy and data security are often considered two separate areas of concern within a business. Often times data privacy within an organization is governed around meeting regulatory requirements coupled with a corporate privacy policy which in turn is implemented via business processes. Business processes meet data privacy requirements while data security is relegated to the company IT department which secures the corporate network.

This classical approach of decoupling data privacy and data security has resulted in some of the world’s most comprehensive and costly data theft. Plexus throws out this antiquated division and ensures data security through technology enforced data privacy. By designating businesses and business users as the only entities with the power to decrypt and grant permission to decrypt their data, security is pushed to the edges.

In practice, this means that hackers have no central system to target. For a hacker to breach Plexus security, he would be forced to steal a business user’s mobile device, social engineer the business user's password from his mind, and also cut off the business user's finger to pass biometric tests. Even if a hacker were to do this, the hacker would only gain access to that particular business user’s data while everyone else within the company and all other businesses on Plexus remained completely unaffected. As the hacking scenario described is pragmatically very difficult and would yield a minimum pay out, Plexus is, in practice 100% cyber-secure.

Real-World Identity

Plexus' Third Trust Principle

The ability to identify and authenticate a business and persons authorized to act on behalf of the business is the corner stone of all inter-business agreements. From issuing invoices, making payments, to procuring loans, or letters of credit, a business must prove who they are. Though this can be easily done when interacting in the physical world, it is more difficult when interacting in the digital world.

Plexus provides a real-world identity solution that is internationally valid and will stand up in courts around the world. By implementing the highest legislative standards, Identiplex™ is as good in the digital world as a passport is in the physical world. Identiplex™ allows businesses to register their corporate identity along with director and authorized employee identities to conduct business online with greater ease then what is currently done in the real world.

Business and user identities are vetted to the strictest standards through a fully automated verification of government issued IDs and other supporting government documents. Once the identity of the business and authorized users is established, engaging in inter-business agreements, such as letter of credit, becomes quick and easy.

Global Business Network

Worldwide business network for inter-business communication. Data, Agreement and Digital Asset inter-change; with bank account access and payment capabilities.

A global secure data exchange for businesses does not currently exist. Plexus fills this gap and provides a private and secure way for businesses to exchange data between identified parties such as their customers and other businesses.

Not only can businesses exchange data on the Plexus network, but they can also enter into legally binding agreements which streamlines business processes. We are setting the standards for digital data exchange.

Benefits of Using Plexus

The Plexus network streamlines business processes by providing standards based fully secure and private mechanisms to; identify parties in the real world, share any form of data between identified parties with no risk of man-in-the-middle attacks, and complete digital agreements with full audit and verifiability of authenticity.

This is all provided with the business incurring zero GDPR vendor risk on the part of the business and removes the need for business to rely on general consumer tools to fill some of these roles. Pain points causing inertia in trade are removed along with reliance on unsecure or unsuitable systems.

Cost of Using Plexus

Data sharing on Plexus is free while creating a business or employee identity on the platform carries with it a small onetime fee. Digital agreements completed on Plexus carry with them a small royalty fee but guarantee absolute certainty that an audit trail is put into place, tampering with agreements post-hoc is made impossible, and agreements are defendable in all courts worldwide.